Landscape gardeners
in Mandelieu-la-Napoule near Cannes

Without using a bricklayer, we can perform various landscaping masonry work . Our team of landscape gardeners intervenes in Mandelieu-la-Napoule and in the Alpes-Maritimes for your garden and all your creations. The landscaping masonry allows to decorate the development of your exteriors with innovative landscaping elements bringing an additional cachet to your green spaces.

Our missions are multiple, we are versatile. In order to create an original and unique space, we can decorate our landscaping masonry designs with shrubs, flowering plants …
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Your landscape masonry in Mandelieu-la-Napoule and around

Senteurs Paysages carries out landscaping work to develop your exteriors.
In order to bring a different aspect and an additional charm, our landscape gardeners , thanks to their versatility, take care of multiple achievements:

  • waterfall,
  • stone wall,
  • stone staircase,
  • rockery
  • fenced,
  • paved driveway / pavement,
  • rockfill
  • retaining wall…

Each of our landscaping designs is linked to plantations, shrubs, plants … One of our goals is to bring your garden to life. That’s why, with the planting of flowering shrubs, we bring liveliness to your exteriors.

Creating garden decorations … A unique space for your green spaces!

In order to arrange your garden, we propose the creation of the garden decoration . Do not know how to add garden decorations? In addition to the design itself, we can add some decorative elements to enhance the layout of your green spaces.
You have a large space? You wish that it is arranged?
Create a cocooning and soothing space with the installation of fountains, ponds, trellises, pergolas …
These decorative elements are perfect when you want a soothing garden.

Retaining and rip rap walls: original layouts

We perform rockfill  : this creation is for aesthetic purposes only.
The design of landscaping riprap allows to structure a garden, to bring volume.
It is an element that can be used to create a planting space or a garden border, to reduce a small drop or to decorate …
We also perform the creation of retaining wall. This design can support materials, earth, sand … The wall can be used to protect a building or to delimit a land.
We are at your disposal, contact us!